Who We Are ?

Green Shark LTD under the Company Incorporation #12211369. Born as a proposal for asset investments, there are currently 12 people in our work team, investment analysts, mathematicians, system engineers. Professionals in the required field, Green Shark LTD works with the latest technology equipment to guarantee the best results for all our clients.

Green Shark LTD puts at your disposal the greatest alternative to obtain constant returns, offering plans adjusted to a real return on investments. That way we guarantee that your money will be safe, that your money will be working for you. We are currently working with the Stock Exchange, Forex and the crypto market. With these 3 alternatives we achieve a thriving and productive business environment.

Green Shark LTD, invests monthly money in its automatic application of SharkBot investments. We own our own automatic investment management application. It is a productive analyst bot in the Forex market, which has a 95% ratio. Achieving daily earnings for our company.


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